Car Rental with Driver
Car rental with driver is a service that allows you to reach your destination safely and comfortably. All details about the car rental service with driver, which is frequently preferred for special occasions or business trips, are as follows.
What is Chauffeur-driven Car Rental Service?
Car rental with driver can be defined as a package that allows you to receive chauffeur service during the time you rent the car, in addition to the standard car rental service. When you do not want to drive on special occasions or go to a business meeting in a city where you do not know the roads, you can choose car rental and transfer services with a driver.
How to Apply Car Rental Service with Driver?
Car rental service with driver; Can be done on a 4, 8, 12, 24 hour basis. You can choose car rental options with driver within the province we serve. Once you determine all the conditions, it is very easy to purchase the service. After you successfully create your reservation, your professional driver will be directed to you with the vehicle you selected on the reservation date and time.
Car Rental and Transfer with Driver
What are the Prices of Car Rental with Driver?
The price range may vary depending on the vehicle model, number of days or company. There is definitely a difference between classic car rental prices and car rental prices with a driver. VIP chauffeured car rental and intercity chauffeured car rental prices may also be higher than chauffeured car rental prices. The reason for this is the increase in the quality of service. Following the discount times of the company from which you will receive car rental service can help you get service at more reasonable prices. You also need to know who covers extra expenses such as fuel, bridge, highway or private highway tolls. While some car rental companies include these fees in the total service price, some specify them as an extra fee in the contract. Prices can be divided into two categories: one-way or round-trip. Although the price for the one-way option is more affordable than the round trip option, a price is calculated taking into account the return route of the vehicle. In line with all these conditions, the average price is determined. For this reason, a fixed price cannot be determined for car rental service with driver. Our chauffeured car rental service hours are; 4 hours 120 kilometers, 8 hours 150 kilometers, 12  It is limited to 180 kilometers per hour and 300 kilometers per hour. Transfer service is offered with a maximum limit of 160 kilometers. In case of excess mileage, charges are made per kilometer as follows;
• Business Class; 10 TL + VAT
• Eco-Light; 5TL + VAT
• Minivan; 6 TL + VAT
•Van; 7 TL + VAT

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